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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Reduce Tummy Fat - Flat Tummy Exercises

Many people are worried about getting rid of the belly they developed in order to allow the sculpted midriff to come out since summer is here again. Since it is July now and there are bikinis dancing in their heads, people that let themselves go overweight during the winter months are probably working overtime now in order to lose the excess tummy fat. The good news is that there are some exercises for the tummy to speed up the process of losing weight. There are some exercises, such as the ones below, which are better than others and target the reduction of tummy size. Give these exercises a chance if you’re just beginning since these exercises are aimed at beginners. After you master those tummy exercises you can move on to a bigger challenge. You shouldn’t let momentum take over when performing these exercises but it is important to maintain slow controlled movements. A proper warm up should always be done to avoid injury and you must always talk to a professional prior to starting your workout regimen.

Long Arm Crunch
Keep your knees bent and feet flat while staying on the floor to perform this tummy exercise. Extend your arms back straight as you lie flat just like when reaching over your head. Slowly lift your head, shoulders and arms to approximately a thirty degree angle from the floor as you contract your abs and hold. Slowly lower your shoulders toward the floor and repeat the movement to perform a complete set. Keep your arms straight beside your head to prevent leading with them.

Vertical Leg Crunch
The focus of this variation to the traditional crunch is to reduce tummy fat. Lying on a flat surface like the floor is how you start this exercise for the stomach. Cushioning the spine should be done using a towel or mat. Place your hands behind your head so you can’t see your elbows. Lifting your legs in the air, bend the knees slightly with your ankles crossed. Lift the shoulders as you contract the abdominals keeping the upper back and head at approximately an angle of thirty degrees. Don’t lead with your head or use your hands to lift.

Hip Lift
This exercise for the tummy requires you staying on your back. Utilization of a towel or mat will be done as a cushion for the spine. Face your palms to the ceiling with arms by your side. Your legs should be straight in the air with the bottom of your feet toward the ceiling; the legs should make approximately an angle of ninety degrees to the torso. The knees should be as straight and unbent as possible. While lifting your hips gently away from the floor contract the muscles of the abdomen so you feel your belly moving toward the spine. With the legs extended straight up raise your hips a few inches and hold. Now lower your hips to the floor slowly. Do a complete set.

Performing tummy exercises is just part of the whole effort for reducing tummy fat. You should combine whole body workouts with proper diet in order to reduce your tummy and see results guaranteed. Maybe it’s a longer process but it’s the safest and best way to reduce your tummy. For the best abs training and nutrition program on the internet for both men and women click here.

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