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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Cope with Arthritis using Herbal Remedies

This very common disorder brings great deal of pain. Arthritis as a disease has been known for ages now. In our time, it is becoming one of the most common diseases, highly distressing and painful. The percentage of patients suffering by the age of fifty and over is close to eighty percent. However, younger people also suffer from arthritis, where many men and women find it distressing in their prime. There are herbal remedies, helping treating this disease and release the pain and inflammation.

It is hard doing the simplest things if suffering from this frequent condition. Most people with arthritis might look as healthy as others, but their life is a pure pain, distressing them and causing even depression. Extensive researches were looking for alternatives which can fight pain, swellings and loss of joint flexibility. Having one or more joint replaced with surgery is sometimes the way out, but that is not the only solution. Luckily, countless options were proven to help cure arthritis using herbal remedies.

Arthritis can be controlled, providing reasonably normal life. However, it is necessary to bring back the elasticity to rigid joints without the use of painkillers. Pills will help for a short period of time but they can also cause internal damages to human organs. With great benefits to the human body and having extraordinary effects, herbal remedies substitute various medications. Without side-effects, they turn to be a very welcomed option. For example, Flexcin with CM8 has helped thousands of people to ease their joint pain problems.

Plants are the source for most arthritis remedies, either as teas, baths or massages. The level of their effectiveness is quite high. However, once started with these remedies, it takes quite a time until one feels relief. Chili pepper and its capsaicin proved to have the effect of a pain killer. Along with anti-inflammatory features of boswelia plant, it is an excellent remedy. Along with ginger tea, which prevents severe cases of arthritis, there are many other helpful herbs. Devil claw is fabulous in removing pain. However, it also has the abilities to reduce swellings.

Turmeric powder is a powerful natural remedy in cases of inflammation and swelling. A teaspoon a day dissolved in water is recommended in the morning, before meal. Empty stomach helps its features work. Various other remedies, gained from aspen bark, willow or horsetail provide excellent natural medications, which will take away the pain and relieve rigidness of joints.

As for horsetail, its most powerful ingredient is silicon, which makes joints stronger and lubricated. The root part of the licorice plant is excellent resource of pain-killing substances. In combination with celery reeds and its anti-inflammatory features, arthritis can be easily controlled. Much need antioxidants in rigid joints can be obtained from all types of cherries, containing collagen as well.

As for collagen, it is what helps joints retain their elasticity, where the cherry fruits maintain it. Arthritis also requires frequent hot baths and massages, where there are excellent remedies such as castor oil or angelica root bath. Lukewarm water containing angelica root will easily soothe the rigidness as well as remove pain. Mixture of celery and hay flower seeds extract also provides excellent bathing solution.

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