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Saturday, June 6, 2009

All-Star Tummy Exercises

Those that want to strengthen the midsection and shape the core will find there are lots of stomach exercises for them. This is a mix of a curse and a blessing. How do you now which routines and exercises are any good with so many available? According to fitness expert recommendations here is a list of what appears to be some of the best tummy exercises out there. These all stars might be a good place to start if you aren’t sure where to begin working on the stomach. You should consult a doctor prior to beginning your workout routine. Avoid injuries by warming up properly.

Crunch Free Crunch
Not only do normal crunches place strain on the neck and back they don’t do anything for the deeper muscles of the midsection which are the transverse abdominals as they work the muscles at the front of the stomach known as the rectus abdominus. There is no strain on the neck or back when you work the transverse muscles using this exercise. The idea is to try and bring the belly button to the spine. You might not be used to using these muscles which can make it difficult. You want to kneel or lie on the stomach to begin. Trying both methods will tell you which does more for the muscles. Once the body is relaxed utilize just the lower abdominals in order to get the belly button moving to the spine and hold for ten seconds. Hold longer is this time is too easy. You want to either stop feeling the contraction or have the rest of the muscles work harder than the transverse abdominus. Release the contraction when this happens.

Hip Lift
This stomach exercise requires you to stay on your back. Face your palms to ceiling with your arms by your side. The bottoms of the feet should be facing the ceiling with your legs held straight in the air forming approximately a ninety degree angle to the torso. The knees should be as straight as possible, don’t bend them. Gently lift the hips from the floor while contracting the abdominal muscles so the belly button moves toward the spine. With the legs remaining upwardly extended raise the hips a few inches and hold before lowering to the floor slowly. Do a full set.

Long Arm Crunch
Stay on the floor with feet flat and knees bent to do this stomach exercise. You want to extend the arms over your head as if reaching while lying on the floor. Slowly lift the arms, shoulders and head as you contract the abs until they are at an angle of thirty degrees. Hold, then lower the shoulders to the floor slowly. Do one set being careful not to let the arms lead. Arms should be by your head and straight.

Any Pilate’s routine focusing on the core, torso twists or vertical leg crunches are among honorable mentions. When the three above are mastered you can freely research more exercises. You’re heading for a trimmer tummy now that you have some of the best stomach exercises.

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