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Friday, June 26, 2009

What is healthy diet and why should I eat healthy

A healthy diet provides all the nutrients the body needs to be healthy. It has variety and is rich in fruits and vegetables, but contains little saturated fat, which are found in processed food, meat, whole milk, butter and cheese. The diet should meet the energy needs of the body while helping to maintain a normal weight.

Above all, you should enjoy your diet!

With a healthy diet we can reduce the risk of heart problems and other diseases, such as some cancers and diabetes. A healthy diet is very beneficial for your heart. It acts in various ways such as helping to keep the amount of cholesterol in the blood to normal levels, helping to improve blood pressure and do not increase weight. Besides health issues, healthy diet can also improve self confidence and your appearance.

There are many ways to eat healthier. Remember, do not try to change everything at once. Some small initial changes will make a big difference!

A healthy diet plan should include foods from all food groups: milk, vegetables, bread and cereals, fruits, fish, poultry and meat.

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