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Monday, March 8, 2010

Best Diet Practise and Tips

* Have variety in your diet. By eating all the food categories you feel more satisfied. Do not miss a meal. Making sure to eat regular meals, leading to poor eating habits. You must have program when you eat so as not to pick all the time. Try to establish 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between. The diet is effective when not hungry. Many who have managed to lose weight are 5 meals a day.
* Eat that requires your body. Be sure to eat that requires your weight and your level of physical activity. For example, if you find that you can lose weight on 1800 calories a day, why should only consume 1200 Yes, you will lose more weight with 1,200 calories but are more likely to keep a diet longer to 1800. And over time you might end up losing more weight with more calories.
* Keep food diary. To check yourself closely related to your success. Research has shown that people who record what they eat and how best to manage exercised kontrolaroun weight. The food diary you a more realistic view of how and why you eat.
* Do not weigh yourself. Do not climb on the scales. Instead, show how you feel and how you apply your clothes. This is to avoid excessive and unnecessary frustrations.
* Record and bite any. To note just how much you eat will lead you to want to write less and less each time, ie eat less.
* Eat only that you like. Nothing makes a diet more intolerable from being forced to eat things that you do not like.
* It does not matter to succumb sometime. If you get the desire for food rich in calories, eat a little and enjoy. If you resist then the result will be when we find it before you can devour. But if you do not trust yourself to be content with this small amount, it is best not to eat it all.
* Make specific changes. If you are used to accompany your lunch snack with a drink, replace it with a glass of water or chicken when you eat start to eat without the skin.
* Select an area in your home and connect it with food.
* Never eat standing, always be seated.
* Do not do anything else while you eat. This includes watching television. During your meal the only enjoyment you should be eating and nothing else.
* Drink plenty of water. Your goal is 8 glasses of water daily. If you have not got used to drink so much water to start gradually add half a glass of water every day in your diet. Fill a 2 liter bottle of water and be sure to drink more during the day.
* Eat breakfast. People who eat a hearty breakfast felt less hungry during the rest day. Make your breakfast rich in adding something every day. Start with a fruit or juice, go to add a yogurt or a slice of bread for toast.
* First water. Start your meals with a glass of water or natural fruit juice or tea to soothe your hunger.
* Eat a row. This means the first to eat the food with fewer calories, such as salads and vegetables, so as not so hungry when you arrive in dishes with many calories and so the limit already.
* The meals to last for more than 15 minutes. By eating slowly sate more with less food. By eating slowly enjoying every bite and the chew and swallow and also give your body time to release enzymes that tell the brain that you have had enough - to complete this process takes 20 minutes.
* Click below cutlery. During your meal then do not hold the knife and fork. Or if you eat sandwiches leave on your plate. That would lengthen the time your meal.
* Do not hurry. First chew food you have in your mouth and then refill.
* Stop eating for a minute 1-2 times during the meal. This will reduce the pace and you'll get used to eating later and later.
* If you want the 2nd tranche wait 5 minutes. Your desire can go. Eat like a second plate of rice or potatoes in half the amount.
* Do not empty your plate.
* Stop eating when you get up from the table. Avoid pick the time tucker.
* Get organized before you go to a party. To avoid parafate eating out, just fill your stomach when you're still home, like a fruit or half a toast. But do not think that unless you eat nothing all day, waiting for a night out, you do good. If you eat well enough before going to a party, will not be tempted when you are around your favorite foods and more thickeners.
* Keep you a healthy homemade snack if hungry any time you're out.
* Do not eat the food from its packaging. So you can not figure out how much you consume. Most likely to eat more than you should.
* Do not shop when hungry and always make the list for shopping. If you buy foods rich in calories then you will not eat already.
* Do not count calories. It is best to measure the fat you eat. First reduce fatty foods and not worry about the sugar first. When you feel comfortable and get used to the low-fat diet (product of 1% -2%) go to the second stage, which is to decrease and the amount of sugar you consume.
* Respond differently to stress. Instead pick a time to panic, take a walk or start a hobby.
* Ask for support and help from friends or social groups and treatment.

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