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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

House Cleaning-Lose up to 8 pounds a year

It might seem excessive to claim that the increase in cleaning jobs in the home can help to control even the loss of our weight?

In recent years many surveys are showing that obesity is associated more with the lack of movement rather than by increasing food intake.

Small changes, big benefits

* Get up from the couch! Everything you need to do yourself. Go to the kitchen to fix your coffee, a layer of table and serves you, make a check in the closet and your drawers.
* Turn off the TV, put your favorite songs and danced. Half an hour dancing is enough to reach your target. Improves your disposal and spends about 200 calories.
* Do you work in the home. Wash the dishes, dusted off, put vacuuming, mopping the stairs or balcony and the corridor floor you, wash you in your car. In half an hour cleaning the house will consume about 150 calories, while washing the car, about 190 calories.
* Use the stairs not the elevator: using someone down the stairs instead of the elevator may have lost a kilo after six months. At first tried to walk up and down a floor and gradually learn to use the lift only when absolutely necessary.
* Plant flowers in the balcony and ascholisou them. Watered to you, change the pots as they grow, the pruning. If you have more time ascholisou and plants of the common areas of your building.
* Repairing minor damage to furniture, we made only the odd jobs. Take a canary or parrot. Care of. One hour a day if you deal with any of the above, except the pleasure that you will feel a loss of around 200 calories.

One step beyond

Think how often you eat something in front of the TV. Most often a sweet or a snack to load with useless calories. It offers you a few minutes of pleasure and many hours of bad mood. If you decide the time of the news or your favorite soap opera rather than sink into the sofa to make your bike or step has gone a step further. Forty-five minute cycle or step to do to spend from 250-400 calories depending on intensity.
Why not take this long?

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