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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is Insanity Exercise?

The Insanity workout program has the Internet and fitness world abuzz. "Insanity" is being thrown around as a good thing, and no, we don't mean mental illness. We're talking about a state of the art program that pushes your body to its maximum potential using high impact interval training. So, what exactly is Insanity exercise? Let's take a look.

The Insanity workout program takes one fit instructor, Shaun T, and pairs him with millions of people with huge fitness goals. The program doesn't stop there, however. It gives those people the tools necessary to achieve the results they've dreamed of and maybe even some they never thought they would see, all through something called High Intensity Interval Training. And, this is where the Insanity exercise comes in.

High Intensity Interval Training is often referred to as HIIT in the fitness world. Go to any major fitness website and search for HIIT and you will find pages and pages of information. High Intensity Interval Training involves pushing your body to its limits. Repeatedly.

So what makes this program insane? Well, it's difficult. You have probably never worked this hard before. This program will truly see what you are made of. But, in addition, the results you see will be truly crazy. Insanity exercise doesn't just refer to the have to be crazy to try its attitude, but also the insane results.

Insanity exercise involves plyometric drills, strength intervals, power training, and ab and core workouts as well. There is not half effort with these programs you are told to work at your MAX throughout. The program will leave you tired, sweating buckets, and potentially in tears, but the results you gain will make it all worthwhile.

Soon, we will be carrying the Insanity program here at Extreme Body Workout. Prepare yourself by reading over some of the reviews and information online. Get yourself psyched for the Insanity workouts!

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