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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What to Look For When Comparing Nutrition Facts of Protein Bars

There are so many protein and meal replacement bars on the market right now it can make your head spin. Even people within the fitness industry can find it difficult to make a decision when choosing the right bar for their needs. There are protein bars made for every conceivable reason and population. Women, bodybuilders, runner, men and even kids have their own protein bars. But do you know what you're looking for when you are comparing nutrition facts of protein bars?

Protein is known as the building block of life. The nutrient protein plays an important role in muscle development and this is a large part of the reason it is so often encouraged in fitness programs. Also, when you increase your lean protein intake, you are likely decreasing your consumption of fats and processed carbs. So, the number one thing to look for when comparing nutrition facts of protein bars is the actual protein content. If you are using the bar to up your protein, find one with no less than 15 grams.

When comparing nutrition fact of protein bars, it's also important to make sure some things are absent. All protein bars have sweeteners; they're added for flavor because the manufacturers know they won't have return customers if the bars don't taste good. There are numerous options available to the makers of these bars to choose from when picking a sweetener some opt for sugar, while others use artificial sweeteners and even high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Our advice is to stick with natural sugar and fruit sweeteners. Stay away from the HFCS!

Finally, when comparing nutrition facts of protein bars, take a look at the calorie content and weigh this against your nutritional needs. Obviously if you are using the bars as meal replacement, you may be able to afford a few more calories. Don't get fooled into buying an energy bar, however, that is loaded with calories, or you might find yourself struggling to make fitness progress.

There are many things to consider when choosing your protein bar. These are just a few. Be sure to do your research and check out some of the bars we carry here. We post the ingredients lists and nutritional labels because we stand behind our products!

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