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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Myths and Facts about tummy exercises

Proper diet, adequate rest and the selection of proper tummy exercises are the three things needed to properly tone our abs.

The flat abs is the impossible dream even for those who spend endless hours in the gym running on a repetition of repetitions. What goes wrong? Simply the whole approach on this issue.

Starting from the kitchen

The abdominals are not 'made' in the gym, but in the kitchen. Strange as it may seem that a scientific basis. Crossing the twenty with increasing age in men decreased metabolism resulting in more fat storage. This fate has a different body distribution and larger number of adipocytes than eg region of the shoulders. If we put these two factors together, the result is the accumulation of fat in Periventricular area makes it particularly difficult to illustrate the abdominal muscles no matter how physically active.

Therefore before going to any gym or go before any program abdominals should know that if you do not build our diet will not have visible results. More information about sports to burn fat, you will find here and on low-fat diet here.

Frequent errors

Assuming that diet is what we need, then we must consider how well physically active. Here the main factor is the frequency of exercise. All muscles increases during sleep trying to heal tiny incisions created during the exercise. And the most common mistakes is both. Whether they exercise too often denying them the possibility of healing or do not exercise enough (in terms of power) to create tiny incisions.

What we are looking

Whatever is wrong we do to fix it by putting in the game and personal goals. If you are looking for "strong" abs you should put more weight on the exercise and increase rest periods of 2-3 days at least. If you are looking for 'normal' abs you need to design our program around agility exercises with less weight and more repetitions. These programs can be repeated every second day.

The abdominal muscles are only

Another mistake is to believe that the abdominal muscles are more resistant than others. In fact, although more involved in stabilizing the core exercises, and differs little from such the triceps or biceps. These are striated muscles that react to the stimulus of exercise in the same way. Therefore, in no event should repeat daily routines abs but to follow these principles: 2-3 days rest for a dynamic workout and 1 day of rest for agility workout.

Repetitions on repetition

Come now to the repetition. The basic principle is that each exercise repetition, and the pounds have an inverse relationship. The more pounds, so less needs to be repetition, and vice versa. Therefore, if you do eat away 100 sets of 8-12 or bends depends on what we want to achieve, what our overall level and how to avoid injuries that may come with both.

If our goal is to "panel lines" then we should use a variety of exercises because the abdominal tend quickly to stimuli and do not grow especially when we put little weight. Three to four different exercises that are recycled from week to week should be our goal for each be looking to repeat the same exercise for a few successive visits to the gym.

On the other hand, if the goal is the power to do fewer repetitions (3-6) and gradually increase the sets of about 6 to 10. That should be enough to stimulate muscle growth, provided that care enough to rest (2-3 days).

Because abdominal act to stabilize if we perform other exercises should be careful that these exercises are not charged and not hinder the rest. It is therefore important to perform abdominal exercises at the end of each visit to the gym.

Neither more nor less

A common myth that accompany abdominal exercises that you can separate them into "up" and "down". In fact it is impossible to separate, but what we can do is make sure we have the right attitude and proper support in order to focus as much as possible in the right area.

The best abdominal exercises for agility include the famous Swiss ball and you can find here. But if your goal is strength then you should choose a tilted folding table, pulled a leg from the elevated position and epikypseis a pulley.

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