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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Benefits of Wrist Heart Rate Monitors

Working out with a heart rate monitor can have many benefits. Saying you worked out really hard isn't the same as knowing just how hard your body was working. Your heart rate is a great indicator of your exertion and monitoring it can even help you achieve your fitness goals. There are numerous different monitors out there: ones with chest straps and ones without. The wrist heart rate monitors seem to be the most popular, however, so let's discuss why.

Wrist heart rate monitors resemble larges watches. For runners, they are just about the size of some of the smaller Garmin or GPS monitors. These small workout accessories can make a big difference in the quality of your workouts and even in your workout safety.

Most wrist heart rate monitors, like the Reebok model we currently feature, work using two sensors on the face.The user places two fingers on these small sensors, and the machine does the rest, calculating your heart rate through slight sensations in the fingertips. Some wrist heart rate monitors simply give you a read out of your current heart rate, while others feature a variety of options.

Some of the lure of wrist heart rate monitors is their convenience. They aren't bulky and don't get in the way of your workouts. Some people don't mind monitors with a chest strap and some of those heart rate monitors are made to be very comfortable. However, the way of the future has us always seeking out the most compact and streamlined product and wrist heart rate monitors fit right in there.

One of my personal reasons for using a wrist heart rate monitor, or any heart rate monitor at all is to track the progress of your cardio health. We are all very concerned with our measurements and weight. We want to fit in a size 6 or simply look good in a swimsuit. But, your heart health is another very important aspect of working out. By monitoring your heart rate over the long term you will see how your heart is trained just like every other muscle, as it gradually gets accustomed to a fitness lifestyle.

There are numerous benefits of working out with wrist heart rate monitors. Browse the blog for more and also check out our Reebok monitor if you are in the market for a superior quality product to enhance your fitness experience.

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