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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Metabolic syndrome-what it is and relationship with obesity

For our health the metabolic syndrome is a dangerous organic syndrome characterized by a multiplicity of metabolic disorders, which are often underestimated by patients. According to health, the coexistence of metabolic dysfunctions does toxic in humans, leading to increased incidence of heart attack episodes, diabetes and premature death.

The metabolic syndrome has no symptoms in health.
According to the health of recently discovered by medical science.

Found on our health only during the annual preventive medical examination due to complete absence of symptoms and should be treated immediately because of the inevitable evolution that has in many cases.

In particular the metabolic syndrome are also three or more of the disorders listed below:

- Waist circumference more than 102cm in men and 88cm in women.
- Blood triglyceride levels above 150mg/dl.
- Levels of "good cholesterol» HDL below 40mg/dl in men
and below 50 mg / dl in women.
- Arterial blood pressure of at least 130 and 85 mmHg
systolic and diastolic respectively.
- Glucose (sugar) fasting blood than 110mg/dl.


Obesity and increased body mass index (BMI), which equals the ratio of weight divided by height squared, are predisposing factors for the occurrence of metabolic syndrome.

- BMI below 18.5 is very low,
characterizes very weak person and is accompanied by increased morbidity.

- When you BMI = 18,5-24,9
are generally normal,

- BMI = 25-29,9
Overweight and

- Over thirty

The BMI is determined for each additional person, based on Clinical findings. People who accumulate fat in the abdomen, chest and limbs are male-type fat distribution is more damaging to the body than the female type of fat accumulation in the buttocks.

What factors also play a key role?

In the development of metabolic syndrome have a key role and genetic factors that interfere in a variety of parameters such as tissue resistance to the action of insulin. This means that some people are more predisposed genetically determined than others to develop this malignant syndrome.

The incidence of metabolic syndrome is increasing alarmingly in the past young people.

What general principles should be respected by the people who suffer from this syndrome:

1. It is important to exercise.
Half an hour longer fast walking several times a day is sufficient to restore metabolism.

2. You should not smoke:
Smoking increases the adverse consequences of metabolic syndrome.

3. We maintain a normal body mass index (BMI)
Depending on the type of individual metabolic disorders present in metabolic syndrome, designed personalized nutritional and therapeutic interventions.

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