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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exercises To Get a Flat Tummy

A variety of exercises are available for achieving a flat tummy. While some just need motivation and determination along with some space on a floor to lie on, some others require special equipment or machines. Every exercise will work the stomach muscles even when focus is on the legs, arms or other areas of the body. An example of such exercises is when performing a Pilates program that exercise several muscle groups at the same time.

Many people get the desired results while performing some very basic movements. The basic crunch is the first basic exercise you should master. Crunches don’t put pressure on the back as much as sit ups, making them better for the body. Raising the upper portion of the body off the ground while lying on the back until the strain is felt in the muscles of the stomach is how crunches are performed. Making sure the work is being performed by your tummy and not the arms or head is the key to the movements. Don’t lift your head more than the back or shoulders since it is important to remain straight. There are many available resources on the Internet, in books and on videos for more detailed information on the performance of this tummy exercise movement. The side crunch which works the oblique, or love handles as they are sometimes called, is another amazing tummy exercise that should be done in conjunction with the basic crunch. The body is twisted slightly to the side but the movement is the same as a crunch. There are numerous resources available to get a more accurate description of the proper form.

People should include a variety of exercises to achieve a flat tummy and to work the entire stomach region, which includes the upper and lower section of the stomach in addition to working the dies and mid section of the abdominals. Focusing on a specific stomach muscle group won’t do a person any good. Exercises for a flatter tummy can be found on the Internet, at the library or book store and on video and several other places. A person might have trouble figuring out which exercises would be of benefit with so many options available for achieving a flat stomach. Trying several options and choosing the one that works best for you as an individual is the best suggestion to follow in this case. An exercise that worked fine for one person may be too strenuous for another. At the start, a beginner might have to focus on one movement instead of a series of movements during a workout session while someone in better shape might be able to perform a variety of exercises they can.

No exercise will work properly if performed incorrectly and inconsistently even though some tummy flattening exercises work better than others. In order to get a flat stomach a person must decide which exercise they are capable of doing and can stick with for a long time. The person may not be able to commit to an exercise that is too complicated, requires special types of equipment or takes too long to perform. Regardless of the exercise used you aren’t going to get a flat tummy overnight. It will take time, patience and dedication.

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