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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simple Fitness Tips to Follow When you are at work

Exercising while you are at your office would certainly be beneficial for your health. However, your work is most of the times not the proper place for doing any kind of exercising for obvious reasons. There are however some simple tips that you can follow during office hours:

  • Park your car a little farther away from work in order to walk to and from the building. You will soon see a difference in your silhouette even from the first week.

  • When talking on the mobile phone make sure to walk or stand up instead of staying on your office chair.

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If, however, you work on the top floor of the building then use a combination of both stairs and elevator. Doing so will help your cardio system.

  • If you need to ask something your boss or your colleague, prefer to get up from your seat and go to their office. The e-mail or phone are precious but when these are used extensively they increase your ... weight!

  • Every hour do a short break to stretch your limbs and walk. You will feel much better and then you will have more energy for work.

  • If your work is close to a gym, do not hesitate to subscribe. It will be probably the best move you will ever do as your energy and productivity will be enhanced.

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