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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flatten your Tummy with Aquasize

A swim at the local pool is refreshing when the weather begins to warm up. This gives the added benefit of providing the opportunity to work the muscles of your tummy. The pool is an amazing place for exercises designed to flatten the tummy region due to the natural resistance provided by the water. There is less strain placed on joints since aquasizing is low-impact despite the water providing increased resistance. The next time you visit the pool give the following tummy exercises a try. Any new exercise routine should be discussed with a physician before being begun and try to avoid injuries with the performance of a proper warm up.

The jump and dig is the first tummy exercise you should try in a pool. This set consists of two moves one for the lower body and one for the upper body. The abdominals are worked with the second move and the oblique with the first move. The water you are in should come over your belly button but below your chest as you are standing in the pool. Place your feet a good distance apart to work the lower body which includes the abdominals, and jump up to bring your knees to the surface of the water and down again. To achieve the correct form you should picture a frog while performing the exercise. Bring both your hands and make a scoop at the top of the water to begin working the upper body. Put the scoop below the top of the water and scoop off to the side and up. Work the obliques on both sides by alternating sides. Perform the two moves for three minutes each separately to begin with. After you have acquired experience with the exercises, you can work both sets of tummy muscles by performing both exercises at the same time.

The resistance of the water can be increased with the addition of water gloves as you gain endurance and strength. The tummy exercises can be performed faster meaning more repetitions can be completed in the three minute time period. The key is form. Form should not be sacrificed to gain speed. It is more important to do it right than fast. Fitness goals should be set and a gradual pace used to work toward them. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard too quickly. While you might want quick results, your workout goals will be delayed if you have a serious injury. Keeping your limits in mind, start slowly and gradually build.

Here are some additional tips while the midsection is your focus. Any fitness routine must include a proper diet which is essential. Improper eating habits can completely negate a nice hard workout. In everyday life and during workouts you must stay hydrated. To get the amount of water you should drink each day take the body weight in pounds divided by two to get the number of ounces required. The body is aided in functioning at its highest level this way. Lastly stay rested. You must get the right kind of sleep in addition to getting enough sleep. You will wake up with a sore back which makes it hard to perform tummy exercises if you sleep on your stomach all night. The muscles need a chance to rebuild and rest so there should be off days incorporated into the routine. You now have a great start for a flat, toned stomach.

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