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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exercises to Reduce Tummy Fat

There are an enormous amount of people that want to see a reduction in their tummy size since the midsection is an area that causes lots of problems to people. To help the process, there are some incredible tummy exercises to compliment the amazing start a balanced diet gives you. The tummy exercises below are designed specifically to help with the reduction of belly fat which reduces the size of the tummy. This makes them ideal. Give these exercises a try when you start out since they are aimed at beginners. You can move onto something more challenging after mastering these. It is vital to move slowly and keep control so momentum doesn’t take over. Be sure to speak with a professional prior to beginning a workout routine and perform a correct warm up to avoid injuries.

Vertical Leg Crunch
The focus of this variation to the traditional stomach crunch is on the reduction of tummy fat. Begin by lying on your back on the floor or other flat surface to start this exercise. Cushion your spine with a towel or mat. Your hands should be placed behind your head so you can’t see your elbows. With knees bent slightly and ankles crossed lift your legs straight into the air. Lift your shoulders, your upper back and head at an angle approximately thirty degrees while contracting the abdominals. Don’t lift your body with your hands or lead it with your head.

Long Arm Crunch
Your knees will be bent and your feet being flat during this exercise which you perform while staying on the floor. You want to lie back and stretch your arms straight back on the floor like you would when reaching above your head. Slowly lift your head, shoulders and arms to a thirty degree angle above the floor as you contract the abdominal muscles and hold. Then slowly lower the shoulders toward the floor and repeat for until you have done a complete set. Keep your arms straight beside your head to prevent leading with them.

Reverse Crunch
This stomach exercise is performed on the back as well with the use of a towel or mat for cushioning the spine. Turn your palms toward the ceiling and place your arms beside you. You want your knees bent slightly to form a ninety degree angle as you put your legs in the air. Your hips and torso should form approximately a ninety degree angle as well. The knees should be as straight and unbent as possible. You want to feel like the belly button is moving closer to the spine as you contract your ab muscles. You should be lifting your hips gently from the floor simultaneously. With legs extended directly upward raise your hips up a few inches and hold before releasing. Now lower your hips to the floor slowly and repeat for a complete set.

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