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Monday, April 27, 2009

Four Tips To Flatten Your Tummy

Summer is approaching and more people are beginning to worry about their physical appearance. The belly is the first thing that stands out from a swimsuit and shows ugly on the beach or pool.

One of the areas of our body to focus our fitness efforts is the abdomen. There are mistaken beliefs about how to permanently solve the problem of the "abdominal fat". Having a flat stomach, toned and well marked is not the privilege of a fortunate few. Everyone can have a lean flat stomach with no fat, it's just a matter of committing themselves to a plan that addresses all the factors involved for that to happen. Sometimes people wonder how taking two months doing tummy exercises have not lost any tummy flab. The reality shows that if you perform hundreds of repetitions of abdominal exercises has little benefit and generates more harm than good (eg thicker abdomen and back pain). Today we can recover our abdomen and define it in just 8 weeks of training (2 months), provided we follow an overall fitness plan and not doing just tummy exercises alone.

It is necessary to clarify in advance that if you have any health problems (in the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc..) Or muscle (tear, stretch, contraction, etc..) you should consult with a physician before doing any exercise .

Remember that a person who seeks only to lose belly by starving themselves or using slimming products with rich diuretics, they never achieve the results they want. The combination of a lean diet, aerobics, abdominal work and drink lots of water will give us the desired results in a short time, always according to the consistency, determination and dedication.


1. Balanced diet: One of the most important aspects to eliminate the "abdominal fat" is the daily diet you follow. There is a need for a balanced diet that includes all the necessary nutrients for the body. Avoid fried foods, chocolates, alcohol, desserts, sweets and excessive consumption of red meat. Whole grains, skim milk, fruits, vegetables, legumes and a limited consumption of chicken and fish should form the basis of your daily diet.

2. Regular aerobic physical activity: Many believe that only with the abdominal exercises you can remove the fat in this area. This is an error, as only a supplementary aerobic activity will help you burn belly fat. With 25 minutes three times a week is sufficient, although up to 40 minutes is better. The ideal activities are: cycling, jogging (jogging or running), swimming or aerobic exercise (such as steps or aerobox)

3. Tummy Exercises: Abdominal exercises are essential for muscle toning and firmness. No need to spend long hours training, and a few minutes spread over 5-7 sets is more than enough. I recommend abs every day except Sunday (used as a day of rest). The key is continuity rather than quantity. With eight weeks of continuous training, the belly is just a thing of the past. To keep the abdomen toned, the training must always be consistent (beyond the 8 weeks).

4. Drinking water: The daily consumption of water is a natural aspect that should not be neglected. Recommended 2 liters per day (about 8 glasses) to eliminate toxins and purify the body. Unlike other beverages, water only produces benefits for the body. However, drink adequate water away from meals (at least 30 minutes before or after eating), during and after physical activity, always in small sips or drinks and no large quantities at a time, try not to drink too late at night to avoid getting out of bed to go to the bathroom.

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